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Let There Be Light

The backrest references to wings, and the light is at just the right height to form a ceramic halo for the person seated. The back legs point upwards, perhaps to heaven. Even the direction of the wood in the seat points to the light. The chair and light are one.  

This chair was exhibited at Lampuniek during DDW2016.

Grandfathers Clock

One piece of furniture every student requires is a closet. Considering the average room size of Dutch student housing, closets should not occupy too much floor space, but be tall instead. Another object every student requires is a clock. Traditional grandfathers clocks can be very beautiful, but are very unpractical in small rooms where they only take up valuable space.

This wardrobe combines the clock and closet, using the space traditionally occupied by the pendulum for storage. It is a wardrobe annex grandfathers clock; modern, unique, and a little futuristic.


Derived from the words "reptile" and "to reflect", this copper candle holder reflects the light of a single candle in a unique way. 

The industrial material, and the curvaceous shape are forced together, creating a faceted,  dangerous, and imposing piece of table top design. The coloration of the copper enhances the threatening, scorpion- and cobra-like shape, giving the piece natural as well as machanical characteristics.

This work was auctioned at Suara Rimba. A charity auction in
Bali, Indonesia, for the preservation and restauration
of rainforests in Indonesia