I believe in a world where
Form Follows Future.*

TL;DR. Design that changes, designed for change.
*We no longer have to design two-dimensionally. By using modeling programs, virtual reality visualizations, and perhaps soon holograms or still undiscovered technologies we can design in 3D. Sketching in all spatial dimensions will allow us to start considering the fourth one: time. I foresee a future in which we do not create to satisfy consumerist desires, but where we create for longevity. Design that influences, design that transforms, design that adapts. Hence: Form Follows Future.

I'm a Dutch product designer currently completing my Bachelors at the Design Academy Eindhoven, expected graduation in June 2018.

Personal design projects tend to be ethically, environmentally, or socially driven: designing physical products that solve problems for the (near) future. For instance "Acoin" a device for a future without cash, "Spirulina" for producing microalgae on your windowsill, and "Obsurv" glasses against surveillance. These critical projects still conclude in a practical, functional, consumer product. 

My portfolio also includes furniture (which has been taken into production), home accessories, personalized jewelry, and more. My skills include sketching, digital design, 3d modeling & rendering, iterative model making, photography & videography, and prototype construction in many materials, including metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, and textiles. 

For questions or purchase requests, do not hesitate to drop me an email at felix_mollinga@hotmail.com