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ūü°Ĺ¬† ¬†¬†Go fast, do things, do things bigger. Somewhere on my path to becoming a designer I realised the world is too big to focus on small problems.

&    With a healthy disregard for the impossible, there is always more to be done - more to understand, more to dream, and more to improve.

 !    By focusing on moving this forward quickly, the future will be more sustainable, fair, social, equitable, and (most importantly) exciting.

I believe in a world where Form Follows Future.

Design that changes, designed for change. With the right design approach, we no longer have to design in 2D or 3D. Iteration allow us to start considering how design & context change through time. I hope to see a future in which we do not create to satisfy, but where we create for longevity. Design that influences, design that transforms, design that adapts.

I'm a Dutch designer, based in Singapore. On weekdays, I lead the business design team at Bayer CropScience APAC, to build future-proof digital businesses for tomorrow's agriculture. On weekends I enjoy running, mixing cocktails, and exploring VR experiences.

From 2018 to 2021, I enjoyed working as studio lead & service designer at Ideactio, a service design and business innovation consultancy in Singapore. I have graduated Cum Laude from Design Academy Eindhoven, department Man & Activity.

Personal design projects tend to be ethically, environmentally, or socially driven: designing physical products that solve problems for the (near) future. For instance "Acoin" a device for a future without cash, and "Databall_" an interactive educational game that teaches kids about personal data.

In a corporate context I enjoy designing and facilitating gamified trainings, such as for nurturing innovation culture in organisations, as well as various service design projects. 

For questions and enquiries, please do not hesitate to drop me an email at felix[at]felixmollinga.com or get in touch on LinkedIn.

Design Strategy

Developing strategies for digital business models, value propositions for new business concepts, building pitches, and creating winning proposals.

Service Design

Applied, practiced, and trained others on service design process and methods. Most familiar with customer personas, journey mapping, and blueprinting.

Ethno & Design Research

Comment by a senior leader after conducting a series of user interviews & presenting voice-of-customer research: "We should do more of this, this is extremely valuable."

Navigating Ambiguity

Experience overseeing multiple projects simultaneously, coaching team members, and managing clients.

Training & Facilitation

Designed and conducted courses and sprints on design thinking and innovation for teams, leaders, and officers. ACLP certified trainer.

Diverse Industries

Delivered projects for clients in retail, finance, built environment, agriculture, tourism, security, food, manufacturing, and education industries. Government sector, MNCs, and SMEs.